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aid-con Ingenieurbüro Redmer
Schönningstedter Str. 130a, 21465 Reinbek
Tel.: 040 / 20907640
Fax: 040 / 98768976

Reimbursement of aid


aid-con offers support and advice for the reimbursement of a medical aid or care product. The statutory health insurance funds can take over the costs of aids and care products when a product is listed in the German health aid directory (HMV).


We represent a lot of small and large companies as we are specialized in requesting the inclusion in the German health aid directory (HMV) of the German statutory health insurance funds or in the Austrian catalog of services. We check whether your product complies with the admission requirements, accompany and monitor the approval process.


Based on many years of experience, we can quickly find the right strategy.
Our consulting approach is always based on the most current market data as well as concrete project experiences.
Each consulting project is preceded by a non-binding and free consultation, which contains the possibilities and objectives of a common project.