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Our business portfolio


Advice for the German health aid directory (HMV) of the German Statutory Health Insurance Founds

For the assumption of costs for medical aids by the statutory health insurance funds, the product has to be part of the aid list.

Demonstrating the functional capability and safety, compliance with the quality requirements set out in HMV and the medical benefits of the products to be registered are necessary.

We assist you with the apply to be listed in the Hilfsmittelverzeichnis HMV.

Process during the request (german)

REHADAT – Hilfsmitteldatenbank

This database provides you with information on almost all available technical aids in Germany.

For each product there are a number of details and photos. In addition, there is indicated whether a resource is listed in the resource catalog of the statutory health insurance. The database is constantly updated and is free of charge.

We’d like to guide you through the registration process.


Austrian catalog of services (Compulsory health insurance)

Similar to the German health aid directory, there is a reimbursement of aids in Austria, except that no position numbers are assigned. A regulation and delivery against reimbursement of costs is possible in theory from the next day of the positive recommendation of an advisory board for the benefit catalog.

We support you in applying for the registration of your products in the catalog and perform all the necessary steps.

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN)

Manufacturers and distributors have a different number for their medicinal and-pharmaceutical products – the Pharmacy Central Number (PZN) – which is recognized in the German health system as an identification number for tasks in materials management and logistics to health insurance.

We assist you with the notification of a new article for the allocation of PZN- numbers.

Notification procedure in the MP – InfoSystem DIMDI

We like to support you with the initial registration, modification and revocation of the medical aid, IVD, clinical tests and performance evaluations in DIMDI, the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information.